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Disneyland Raffle Ticket Template for Social Media

This raffle is very important for our school, and we will really benefit from everyone’s help!

Our goal is for each student to sell 30 tickets by April 5!

We’ve created a little “advertisement” to let people know about the Disneyland ticket raffle (see the example on the right). Please feel free to download and use this template to let friends and family on social media know about the upcoming raffle. You can also feel free to use the text that I’ve used in my Facebook post (I’ll copy it at the bottom of this post, so you can just copy and paste it, along with the template once you’ve added your child’s photo, into Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

To Download the Template:

Click on the image below, which will cause the image to open in a new window. Then hover over the image, right-click on your mouse, and select “Save Image.”  Save the image to your computer, and then use an image editing software to put your child’s picture into the empty space on the right side.

If you need any help, please contact me (Jamie Gough) at email hidden; JavaScript is required. Just send me your child’s photo and name, and I’ll send the modified picture to you 🙂

Text That You Can Copy and Paste into Your Own Facebook Post, If You’d Like

DISNEYLAND RAFFLE! [PUT YOUR CHILD’S NAME HERE]‘s wonderful little school is raffling off FOUR 3-day Disneyland park-hopper tickets ($1,260 value) plus $500 cash to help offset the cost of tuition increases next year! Tickets are $5 each, and the raffle takes place April 7. Please let me know if you’d like to join the raffle! Thanks so much 🙂

Box Tops Snow Ball Contest

For every 10 box tops you turn in, you get ONE snow ball to throw at any other class!

February 1st – March 15th

Prizes awarded to:

  • Class who throws the most
  • Class who gets hit the least
  • Individual student who turns in the most box tops

Ready… Set… THROW!!!

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